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We translate your existing video text if available. If not, we transcribe and then translate your video. All of our translators are practiced in their field, having accumulated years of work experience with numerous clients on multiple projects across different industries. Your text will be translated with tone-appropriate language and will incorporate any German-language cultural expectations or standards, as necessary. Our service is dramatically different than many other translators who use Google Translate and translate word-by-word without taking the context and nuances of the text into consideration.

Voice Over

Your translated texts will be recorded by the voice-over artist on our team who most fits your audience’s expectations and style needs. We are happy to select an appropriate voice-over artist for you. Alternatively, if you want to be more closely involved in the process, you can request a specific male or female voice, or a certain reading style to achieve your desired tone (e.g. calm or energetic, slow or fast). All of our voice-over artists have their own recording studio (including an acoustically treated vocal booth + professional recording equipment) and have worked in the industry for many years.


Your translated texts and recorded voiceovers will be integrated into an existing video project file, such as Premiere Pro or Final Cut Pro, if available. If not, we’ll integrate them into a new video project file. Our editing team will then produce a highly polished version of your English-speaking video in German. All members of the editing team are highly adept and thoroughly trained in the field of video editing and production.


We combine our exhaustive understanding of German-speaking audiences and their video-consumption behavior across social media platforms with your video selection to develop the right video strategy and ensure your success in the German market.


We help you better understand your German-speaking audience by monitoring and analyzing their reactions to, and interactions with, your video content. Our analysis highlights both aspects of your video content that perform well, – and should be replicated in future videos –  and potential stumbling blocks that need to be overcome.


Our relationship is a fluid, constant, and open collaboration. We encourage you to ask us questions and consult with us during each and every step of the video creation process. Our system is designed to ensure that your German-language video content is produced exactly according to your visions.

— Note: All of our team members are native German speakers who were born and raised in German-speaking countries.

Why Arnet Agency

We have a vast portfolio of work experience with a wide variety of clients, many of them long-term. New clients can rest assured that you’re in reliable, professional hands. Importantly, we never rest on our laurels! Instead, we’re always working on ways to improve efficiency and productivity. As an All-In-One-Service, our long-term clients value our reliability, our open communication culture and the way we decrease their workload the most.

Multiple Years Of Experience

Workload Management

Quick Turnaround

Satisfied Clients

High Quality Standard

Dedicated Support

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